Bannack Reverse Shallow Depth

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Boardwalk – 2.14.14 – Late Afternoon – F/4.5– 1/1600 – Rexburg, ID –  NIKON D3100



Stove – 2.14.14 – Late Morning – F/3.5– 1/8 – Rexburg, ID –  NIKON D3100

I didn’t edit either one of these because I really liked how well they looked coming right off the camera. Boardwalk was a fun shot because I was able to capture the snow falling in the foreground and then show the buildings in the background. Stove was focusing on the detail of the door and the wear and tear handle. It’s amazing how different a photo can look when you change the focus.

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The Kiss


It all started with a kiss, but doesn’t it always. There’s lots of different kinds of kisses, like a hurried kiss or a slow kiss, a kiss hello or a kiss goodbye, a passionate kiss or a dispassionate kiss, a sweet kiss or an angry kiss. A wet, sloppy kiss or a kiss of death. I’m not sure what kind of kiss it was. I think it was probably a hopeful kiss more than anything, if there is such a thing. Maybe a blind kiss of idiocy is closer to the truth. Like I said there are all kinds of kisses. The kiss I remember seems to oscillate between various incarnations, like it may have been every type of kiss at the same time. And just as it was the beginning, so was it the end.

I suppose there were promises involved, implied though mostly unspoken. Promises I made to…

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Endearing Tiny Human.


Sangam“What is her name?”

“Sangam. Her name has a story. Her God Father was at a place named Triveni Sangam (confluence of the three rivers, Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati) when he got the news that she was born. It seemed fitting to name her so.”

And since then, she’s been called the most endearing tiny human by everyone who has ever met her.
This is for Sangam, on her birthday as she spreads joy and nests in everyone’s heart. 
Happy Birthday, Sangam 🙂

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5 Steps For Reconnecting In Real Life In A Social Media-Dependent World


social-media-connection Yes, there is a way to authentically connect with your loved ones without using social media. I’ll be the first to admit that while I log on to Facebook on a daily, very rarely do I actually connect with friends and family members who are also on Facebook. Social media has this way of making you antisocial, or just increases your social isolation. Think about it–the more you connect online, the less you connect in person and the more lonely you feel because there’s no one there to share your time with. So how does one stay connected in a world where out digital connections keeps us from connecting as human beings?

Must Read: President Barack Obama Sets The Record Straight [Exclusive Interview]

In order to combat the increasing isolation that social media breeds, you have to tap into your personal happiness. I know it sounds like some self-help mumbo…

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