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1 Focus Poses Guitar 6

I am a rock chick and proud of it. Give me Hinder, Shinedown and Alter Bridge over Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake any day. Driving bass line, wailing lead guitar and the primal beat of the drums are what I love. Throw in the heart-stopping voices of singers such as Brent Smith and Myles Davis and I am a happy girl.

1 Focus Poses Guitar 7

Focus Poses has an awesome rock pose set available at Pose Fair 2014 called “Guitar.” There are lots of poses in this set, many more action-oriented than I am showing here. It includes not only the poses and guitar props, but an amp, foot pedal and even the stage and a separate LCD screen flashing images of the crowd wildly cheering you on.

Groupies and roadies are, sadly, not included.

Pretty stuff I’m showing off:

Bikini: Luas Store – Urban Style Liberta Bikini Fluor by AinaraLuas (please…

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Photo Friday – Happiness is…


table mountain Table mountain, Cape Town, South Africa. Have spent 15 years of my life waking up to that every day. The presence of that mountain demands your gaze from all over the city, we use it as a compass when people ask for directions – are you away from the mountain or coming towards it? so it’s absence is felt greatly everyday. Click on image to enlarge.

airplane Taking a flight to see the people I love. Click on image to enlarge.

table mountain My eldest niece atop Table mountain, Cape Town, South Africa. Click on image to enlarge.

books The part of every move that involves unpacking the box with my books. Click on image to enlarge.

baby toes Meeting for the first time the wiggly worm that is my youngest niece in Australia. Click on image to enlarge.

hog bay, penneshaw in kangaroo island, South Australia The moment before your toes get wet – Hog bay, Kangaroo Island, South Australia. Click on image…

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