The Business of Cinema


The school of thought I often encounter during my conversations with Industry colleagues, is that – Indian audience isn’t ready for Content-based Cinema?

There are many facets to this belief, yet I tend to believe that this is one of those cases, where it’s no body’s fault and yet both parties involved in the deal suffer a loss. Be it the filmmakers or the audience, both have a persuasive rationale to justify their actions.

I understand the dilemma of the filmmakers. They have chosen to be in the field of performing art, and every performance requires an audience. So, it becomes crucial to gratify the audience’s choice.

An artist no matter how, reclusive and misanthropic he may appear is by the very nature of his existence, linked to his audience. An artist cannot exist without an audience. Yes, some would believe that Art could also be a medium of expressing oneself. But…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light!

Milford Street

This year, as I began to learn about making photographs at night, I doscovered not only the beauty of light and its sources but also the interplay between light and water. Day or night, water creates great reflections, perhaps seen more dramtically at night. It doesn’t have to be a perfect mirror image, like the photo of the Louvre Pyramid, but can be more abstract and transform a rather mundane subject, such as the tram stop pictured above, into something interesting.

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