Feel Again – One Republic

The Well in the Garden

I really love this video and song, it is a little bit like how I feel – like I am starting to feel again after being numb and half asleep for so many years. I don’t want to be so numb again – the garden and my friends in it have helped somewhat in this – the well is a place I can draw from myself to feel renued, uplifted. It is my little oasis of calm in an otherwise noisy and stressful world. Enjoy…

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On New Year’s Resolutions, Or, On Having Blogged A Bunch and the Dangers of Repeating Oneself

michael jarmer


I began composing a blog entry this morning about New Year’s Resolutions.  The direction I was going felt compelling.  I was proud of the opening paragraph.  I was on to something and feeling clever and witty and all of that jazz. I was also feeling a bit of deja vu, like somehow, I remembered writing, if not these very words, about this very topic at least.  So I started doing some research in the archives of my own damn blogsite, and lo and behold, I found an entry called “Of Resolutions,” published exactly 365 days ago today, on December 30, 2012. It made me wonder how many times I have already done this.  In 131 blog entries, how many times have I said the same dumb thing over and over again in just slightly different ways?  Have I become a broken record?  Have I run out of ideas?  After a…

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Dorena’s 4,707 Salt and Pepper Shakers

Martin Lee Van Roosendaal II

Story and photos by Martin Lee Van Roosendaal II

On September 7, 2010, Dorena Young of Wallsburg, Utah was inducted into the Guinness World Records for having 3,633 pairs of salt and pepper shakers. As of December 25, 2013, the 73-year-old has gained 1,074 more pairs, bringing her  total to 4,707 salt and pepper shakers.

“I keep saying I have enough, time to quit,” says Dorena, “but you always see one more pair.”

The collection is very unique and ranges from plain glass to themed shakers that are on display over every inch of her home. For example, you can find Disney to the 50 States, and as you browse the collection you will find Bugs Bunny, washing machines, fruits and vegetables, furniture, Mr. Peanut, tractors, giraffes, monkeys, horses and cows, boots, light houses, historical figures, holiday figures, shakers from all over the world, and even Elvis.

“Last summer my sisters…

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Wing Walkers

Aces Flying High

Since the days of the 1920’s barnstormers, wing walking has been a popular display at air shows around the world. This is where someone stands and walks about the wings of an aircraft whilst it is in flight and often during some form of aerobatics! I have seen a few this year at some of the air shows I have attended and it’s always a fun stunt to watch. Today the show is much like it always was with the one obvious exception; the introduction of safety harnesses!

There is quite a lot of glamour associated with wing walking these days. The Breitling Wingwalkers are a classic example, with their bright orange Boeing Stearman aircraft and beautiful women doing the wing walking. It adds some pizzazz to any air show!

The Boeing Stearman biplane is a popular choice of aircraft for wind walking teams. Relatively slow and very stable with aerobatic capability; the…

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Fave Photo of 2013

Ellen Makes Things

This week I’ve been going through the photos I’ve taken throughout 2013. There were A LOT of them! I have many favorites – some for the photo itself, and some for the story attached to the photo. However, I think I’ve actually nailed down my favorite photo of 2013. It’s actually a self-portrait, just not of my face. It was a quick photo taken on my iPhone. It’s technically not even the best photo I took this year. It’s in Grand Marais from when I came across the elevation marker for the first time (on at least my 4th trip of the year up to Grand Marais – including vacationing there for 4 days in May). I was with my mom and dad on our day trip of exploring the whole Minnesota North Shore of Lake Superior. We had only stopped in Grand Marais for lunch and a little shopping…

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