At Ronnie Woods’ Private Studio

A Londoner from Afar

When various artistic fields combine into one event, it can be a great experience. I attended a private view at an art gallery in London a few weeks ago, where some of Ronnie Woods’ artwork was being showcased alongside works by Michael Donald and John Pasche.

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Lessons in Being a Princess–great read!!!

My Twangle

Lessons in Being a Princess .

Lessons in Being a Princess

“Princess” by Mechtaniya

I had the best day today! I had the wonderful pleasure of babysitting little girls for a friend. The girls (M and B) are ages two and three respectively, and are good-natured sweethearts.  B and M are always all-around girly-girls; but B has just entered into the wonderful world of princesses, dresses, crowns, and the infamous dream of beauty (M is still a bit more distracted by loud and squishy toddler toys).  It’s a pretty significant war just trying to get B to wear pants long enough to wash her dresses; she’s been delirious to find that her most recent Birthday and Christmas presents were devoted to princess-related items.  Everyone she meets is informed that she is not “B”, she is “Princess B.”  Honestly, it’s adorable. ………………..

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