A Physical Basis for Spirituality

Humbling and Humility

What is ‘Spirituality?’ I think it could be an integrating, conflict resolving function, localized in the Parietal Region of our brains. This is alluded to indirectly in Humbling and Humility…of the poverty of an intellect that has but one perspective, and of the higher value of “peace-making.”

With a multitude of perspectives, broader mental vision, comes natural discord. Here, simplistic win-lose competition cannot be the way to achieve an optimum, for as professor John Nash of Princeton points out, from his insight into game theory, the optimum is not when each individual entity works toward maximal self-benefit, but when they work toward individual and collective self-benefit. I’d bet that nature encoded this into our brains eons before someone (Nash, and perhaps very many others in the past who did not put it mathematically) came to see it. Between many perspectives, and instincts/impulses, therefore, and to include them all in…

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