Draw Something

Like them…

Molly Berry ~ Art Blog

Can you guess this one? Can you guess this one?

My father and I play a game on our smartphones called Draw Something. The object of the game is to choose a word from a list and draw it for the other person to guess and then it is their turn to do the same. It goes back and forth until someone can’t guess it and you have to start all over. We are at turn 999. We have been at turn 999 for well over a year now. That is because the counter doesn’t go past turn 999 so we very well could be at turn 1,999 for all I know.

The makers of Draw Something came out with Draw Something 2. It is way fancier and you can draw much more elaborate pictures. My dad and I are sort of attached to the original. I think we have the same curiosity as to…

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