Missed My Camera!

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What a difference a lens makes. While I never claimed to be a professional photographer, I was really happy with my Canon Power Shot ELPH 110HS. I could point and shoot almost anywhere, and take decent videos, even with seemingly no light, and the lens would adjust to the light conditions, focus, and–voila! It zoomed from macro-like close-ups to a very wide angle. All I had to do was frame the shot. I LOVED that camera. It really seemed like an intelligent machine.

Then, on a family camping trip last July, the unthinkable happened: not respecting the delicacy of the viewscreen, I (or someone) cracked it. And then it stopped working. I was distraught. After three months of mourning, I brought it back to Best Buy. I had the 2-year warranty, after all. They, of course, no longer carried the same model, and I settled for another model, still Canon…

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