What Season Are We In?

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What Season Are We In?

So I know I often talk about the dreaded cold, frozen over town that is Pullman. But, I must say since I have come back from being home from winter break the weather has been surprisingly nice. Generally we have snow snow snow till April or May and then a blazing hot summer.
Hell is here, and then it freezes over.
On my drive back here I was dreading being back. I spent the entire eight hour drive contemplating which number would be followed by a negative sign when I checked the temperature and how many feet of snow I would get to plow through to find my apartment steps.
However it has been surprisingly nice! I am not completely bundled up in 12,000 miscellaneous, thrown together layers. My eyelashes are no longer freezing so that’s nice. But, it isn’t spring yet.
I have been looking for some inspiration on…

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