#17. Desire To Know God

Blind Caveman

A few weeks ago, I came across the book – The Normal Personality by Steven Reiss [read myNotes]. Reiss and his team conducted a comprehensive research regarding the subject “motivation” and his team came up with a list of 16 Desires [see list below].

I don’t disagree with Reiss’ findings but I have an unresolved dilemma — I cannot categorize my “desire to know God” on any of the 16 Desires. I’ve tried Honor and Idealism and then Tranquility but it does not fit quite well.  Watch the interview of Shannon below and then listen to the song over and over and maybe you can help me identify what desires she have as she talks about the story of her song ‘Exalted One’.

So for my own use, I have to add #17, Spirituality, the desire to know God.  Perhaps, being a Christian is not or cannot be considered…

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