How Many Dumps?

Going Missing for Awhile

Heavens to Betsy, swear to God, it rained yesterday in Doha. Rain. And not just a sprinkle, but like Hey, if I were in America I’d need an umbrella (not in Portland, because people in Portland eschew conventional rain reactions) but since I was in Doha I walked around and got slightly drenched. Yes, the rain subsided and then the dust settled on everyones car and we needed to pay Indian men in the parking lots of malls three bucks to wash them, but you take the rain when you get it. Now it’s windy and it will continue to be windy here until July when the humidity returns. (I bet this entire paragraph has convinced everyone to pack up and move here. “Doha–the weather sucks but enjoy those rainy days when you get ’em”). All this is a lead-into the explanation that I have to leave for work early…

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