Richie Incognito Taunts Of Jonathan Martin Reveal NFL’s Unspoken Racism

WRNB 100.3 Philly

Despite the low shelf-life of careers, the injuries, and the overall gladiator-styled blood lust of professional football, players risk all to play under the bright lights. However, like many other sports, there is a fraternity-styled atmosphere of the sport unknown to most. With nine-year Miami Dolphins lineman Richie Incognito, a White man, allegedly taunting biracial second-year fellow lineman Jonathan Martin using racist epithets, a dirty secret of the NFL was revealed this week.

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The National Football League is a wildly popular sports league featuring weekly battles of padded athletes in helmets of all shapes and sizes going to war in lavish, corporate-backed stadiums. These gladiators put their bodies on the line for the entertainment of fans and fantasy league players compiling points for bragging rights. However, fans of the sport may soon find themselves wondering how…

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