The “Idiot Sandwich”!

Ambling & Rambling

sandwichI had to work on Monday this week. I don’t normally work Mondays. Or Thursdays. I bookend my weekends with my days off. It is in this way that I get to psyche myself up for and decompress from the weekends. Sometimes, though, I am in need of another day off, so I have no choice but to switch with a co-worker and work on either a Monday or a Thursday. When I can, I opt for Thursday, but this week I couldn’t work that either, so, Monday it was.

It would have been nice not to have to switch at all. Really, I didn’t need the whole day off on Wednesday, I just needed to be out of there by 4:30. If I could rely on the co-worker who relieves me on Wednesdays to come in thirty minutes earlier, I would have just worked it out that way. But…

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